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Welcome to the Cuba, the largest of the Caribbean islands. It has forests and mountains, sandy beaches, turquoise waters, coral reefs, and a myriad of smaller islands. The country is fertile and planted with sugar cane, tobacco, palm trees, mangoes and citrus fruit. Cuba has overcome and survived colonial upheavals, American trade embargos, the withdrawal of Soviet support and a reduced dependency on old staples, such as sugar and tobacco. It has added nickel mining, pharmaceuticals and above all tourism to its list of economic mainstays. The country offers its people a free education and health service together with heavily subsidized cultural and sporting activities. However, it does need to improve the housing and transport systems

The ‘Culture, Cars & Cigars’ documentary starts in the capital, Havana, with its old colonial baroque buildings, cultural and historical heritage. The second city, musical and vibrant Santiago de Cuba, also has its colonial and revolutionary past. It’s ‘all on board’ for a steam train ride into the sugar plantations outside Trinidad; a cycle ride through the narrow streets of Camaguey and a hike through the tobacco fields and hills around Vinales. Just how do they make those cigars? All is explained by a visit to a famous tobacco plantation near Pinar del Rio. Finally, a visit to Cuba just has to include a ride in an old American Chevrolet before concluding with a cabaret show at the world famous Tropicana nightclub.

JOHN MYERS PHOTOGRAPHIC welcomes you to Cuba – to the dances and the bands, to the movement and the rhythm. In fact, the music is the very soul of the Island. Tap into Cuba! It is enough to take your breath away.

Running time is approximately 55 minutes.

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