About John

THE WORLD IN FOCUS travel documentaries series is the creation of John Myers.

John is a travel enthusiast and documentary maker who has set himself the life-long mission of journeying to the remote corners of the world in order to create a unique set of travel documentaries.



“I was inspired to become a travel documentary maker by watching an adventure travel movie many years ago. Since then, over the years, I have led numerous treks in the Andes and Himalayas as well as many other exotic locations. Wherever I have gone I have carried a professional digital camera and tripod – even over rough terrain at high altitudes to capture the shots I needed.

The finished product is a great reward for me as my travel documentary series is a permanent record of the spectacular sights I’ve seen along the way. On my travels, I’ve been fortunate to record beautiful images of faraway lands, capturing the enticing scenic atmosphere of the district, the customs and culture of the local people and their environment.

I hope you enjoy my WORLD IN FOCUS travel documentaries series.”

John Myers.