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R2. MYANMAR. Burmese Ways.

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JOHN MYERS PHOTOGRAPHIC is proud to announce a great new offer. Buy any title from the WORLD IN FOCUS travel documentaries collection and get GREAT GATHERINGS absolutely free.
GREAT GATHERINGS is available in DVD and Blu-ray, PAL and NTSC.
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GREAT GATHERINGS is a compilation of film sequences taken from around the world. Accompanied by suitable music tracks and sound effects, it is portrayed without narrative or dialogue, with the anticipated result that the viewer will be able to sense the serenity and majesty of some of man’s and nature’s excellent moments when harmony and peaceful celebrations take place on this wonderful planet.
On the eastern flank of the Himalaya lies the mountainous Buddhist Kingdom of Bhutan. A gathering of colourful Buddhist flags flutter in the breeze. Visitors and local Bhutanese came from afar to watch the fabulous dance scenes that take place annually during festival time in the Dzongs or monasteries in Bhutan. Back in Britain, there is a gathering of Bentley motorcars. They assemble prior to a continental vintage car rally. A representation of majestic steam trains from the mid 20th century is assembled for their own gathering of admirers. The remoteness of the continent of Antarctica has always held a fascination for the explorers of the late 19th and early 20th century. Since celebrating the centennial anniversaries of the achievements of those intrepid explorers, it is appropriate to include images of gatherings of that frozen Land’s natural inhabitants, namely the Adele and Emperor Penguins. A little further north, but no less remote, lie the islands of South Georgia and the Falklands. The skies above and nesting slopes of those islands abound with bird life. These islands are home to breeding colonies of albatross and many species of penguin. Indeed the majestic movements of the king penguins contrast with the awkwardness and slumber of the elephant seals that come ashore to mate. For a finale, it is fitting to include some of the magnificent wildlife of the great African game reserves.
John Myers Photographic invites you to experience GREAT GATHERINGS either on Blu-ray disc or DVD. Further new travel documentary destinations will be shortly available and JMP looks forward to continuing to illustrate the wonders of the natural and human environments and the continuing struggle for survival and progress on our colourful planet.
Running time is approximately 20 minutes.