New Zealand.
In Search of Paradise


DVD only


If you have seen the film, The Lord of the Rings, then you know this country has some magnificent scenery – craggy mountains, snow-capped peaks, fast flowing rivers, stupendous waterfalls, beautiful meadows.

This documentary starts the journey in search of paradise from the beaches of a Polynesian island in the Pacific Ocean and takes you to the North Island of New Zealand, to Auckland and Rotorua. From Christchurch on the East Coast of the South Island, the route incorporates the Mount Cook National Park, Queenstown and its surroundings, the Milford Sound and the Southern Alps, and the West Coast. New Zealand is renowned for its outdoor activities and this programme includes bungy jumping, jet boating and an helicopter ride from Franz Josef over Mt. Cook, (or Aorangi the Maori name for cloud piercer), first climbed on Christmas day 1894.

JOHN MYERS PHOTOGRAPHIC offers you the chance to glimpse this very beautiful country. If you are planning a visit to New Zealand or just want to be reminded of your journey there, or perhaps want to view a wonderful part of the world from your armchair, then just ‘focus’ in on this stunning travelogue.

Running time is approximately 30 minutes.

Tags: New Zealand, Australasia / Oceania