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Welcome to Laos. With a population of about seven million, Laos, whose capital is Vientiane, is Southeast Asia’s only landlocked country. From its birth on the Tibetan plateau to its exit into the South China Sea, the Mekong river meanders its way over four thousand kilometers. Half of this distance is though Laos. The country is surprisingly diverse in terms of its people. The religion is predominantly Buddhism Most of the ethnic Lao people live in the lowland river valleys and follow the Theravdan School of Buddhism. However forty percent of the population follows animist beliefs. These people belong to colourful hill tribes who live in the higher elevated regions.

The ‘Wats and Waterways’ documentary starts at the border crossing from Thailand at Houei Sai. The journey travels through the magnificent mountain scenery of northern Laos, passing through a number of hill tribe villages. At Louang Namtha there is an excursion into the National Biodiversity and Conservation area, some hiking and a visit to an Akha tribal village. After an invigorating boat ride down the Nam Ou River, and a visit to the Pak Ou caves, Louang Prabang is reached. Despite increased numbers of visitors, the town still retains its charm and atmosphere. There is the magnificence of the Wats; the lure of the night markets and of course the essential early morning rise to experience the Tak Bat, watching the monks receiving alms. The journey continues to the Plain of Jars, Phonsavan and Muang Khoun and onwards to the capital Vientiane. A journey to the south of the country is equally rewarding. Elephant rides, spectacular waterfalls, ancient Khmer ruins at Wat Phou and a boat journey into the Mekong region of four thousand islands end an enticing visit to Laos.

John Myers Photographic welcomes you Laos – Visiting Laos is an adventurous and rewarding experience. From the rugged mountains of the north to the cultivated lowlands of the south; from the apparent serenity of hill tribe village life to the engaging bustling markets of the city; from the gilded wats of Louang Prabang to the temples and stupas of Vientiane – Laos is a land that leaves memories that time will not erase.

Running time is approximately 55 minutes.

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