A Trek to the Lost World


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After a brief introduction to the capital, Caracas, and the historic town of Cuidad Bolivar, we take an excursion to the Gran Sabana in the south east of the country. The highlight is a trek to the top of Mt. Roraima, Conan Doyle’s Lost World. This programme also includes a flight over the Canaima National Park to Auyantepui, another table top mountain, over which flows the magnificent Angel Falls.

If you are contemplating travelling to Venezuela then this travelogue offers you a unique opportunity of previewing some of the many wonderful aspects of this country. It will also act as a colourful reminder of a past visit. The programme can be enjoyed equally by the armchair traveller.

JOHN MYERS has travelled to many exotic lands and visited many numerous remote locations. Each volume portrays images of faraway distant lands, encapsulating the enticing atmosphere of the district, and the customs, culture and colour of the local people and their environment.

Running time is approximately 30 minutes.

Tags: Venezuela, South America