Llama Trails in the Royal Mountains


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The country lies astride the widest section of the great Andean mountain chain. One of the most challenging trekking routes in Bolivia is the almost complete traverse of the Cordillera Real, the Royal Mountain range, which stretches 100 miles from Lake Titicaca to the capital, La Paz. Indian people and their pack animals have used these mountain paths for countless years. The western trekker is relatively new to the area. This documentary is about a trekking adventure that starts in La Paz, journeys along by road to Copacabana, by Lake Titicaca and explores some of the islands in the lake before returning to the mainland to the town of Sorata for the start of the trek back to La Paz.

JOHN MYERS PHOTOGRAPHIC now offers two travelogues on Bolivia, this one and volume G, entitled ‘South by Potosi’. If you are contemplating travelling to Bolivia, then these two programmes offer you a unique opportunity of previewing some of the many wonderful aspects of this country.

JOHN MYERS has travelled to many exotic lands and visited numerous remote locations. Each volume will portray images of faraway distant lands, capturing the enticing atmosphere of the district, and the customs, culture and colour of the local people and their environment.

Running time is approximately 45 minutes.

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