Burmese Ways.


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Burma or Myanmar, as it now named, under the watchful eye of Beijing, appears to be lurching towards China. There is new investment, expanded trade and many ethnic Chinese are migrating into Burma. Another Asian giant, India is also monitoring proceedings, realizing that Burma does hold strategic significance. These are interesting times. There remain certain areas within Burma, where visiting tourists or travellers are still not allowed to venture. Special permits are available for some of these places but most remote regions remain not open.
I have been to Myanmar on numerous occasions and have always enjoyed and been made welcome by the Burmese people. Their lives remain harsh by western standards, but their warmth and friendliness is everywhere. The people are not as isolated as they once were. There have been many relaxations and much reform and there is a feeling of optimism. In the coming years there will be a further influx of aid and investment. But Mr. Thant Myint-U writes in his book ‘Where China meets India’, that ‘the Burmese economy is like a little plane, denied for decades any repair, that is now going to take off anyway’. Although many are aware that things can change very quickly.

This film journeys through many of the popular places to visit in Myanmar. With the assistance of a Burmese guide, we gain access to many of the Burmese ways and customs and traditions. Burmese history is complex and we are sure that some more visits will be made to this wonderful country.

Running time is approximately 60 minutes.

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