The Green Season.


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Botswana is one of the world’s most sparsely populated countries. Around ten per cent live in Gaborone, the capital. Over recent decades, Botswana has transformed itself into one of the fastest growing economies. The country is predominantly flat tending toward gently rolling tableland. It is dominated by the Kalahari desert. Chobe National Park and Moremi Game Reserve (in the Okavango Delta) are major tourist destinations. The country’s tourism has been managed successfully.

The Okavango Delta area is one of the major semi-forested wetlands in Botswana, and the largest inland delta in the world. It is a crucial eco-system to the survival of many animals, whether they be wild animals or commercially developed animals. One of the ongoing environmental problems is the conversion of grasslands to agricultural land.

This film samples four areas in Botswana. Two lie in the Okavango Delta region, one close to the Linyanti River area in the north, and the fourth in the vast Central Kalahari Plains Reserve to the south. We visit private game reserves holding Vumbura Plains Camp and Tuba Tree Camp in the Okavango Delta; Kings Pool Camp in the Linyanti area and Kalahari Plains Camp in the Central Kalahari region. All camps provide excellent game viewing, especially just after the rains. April is the time of year, when the landscape is transformed into a lush watery wonderland, with high grasses. Even the Kalahari has fresh green vegetation. ‘The Green Season’ is indeed a vibrant and productive time of year.

Running time is approximately 45 minutes.

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