The Chilinji Challenge


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The entry point to Pakistan is Islamabad/Rawlpindi. The bustling streets and teeming markets offer a flavour of life in Pakistan. Chitral is the starting point for one of the finest trekking itineraries in the world, a traverse of the Hindu Kush and Hindu Raj mountain ranges. The route starts off on easy paths, which gradually give way to steeper trails. There are two passes of almost 4500 metres, the Shah Jinali and the Karamber. The trail follows close to the Afghan border, before crossing over the Chilinji An, a 5100 metre pass that leads into northern Hunza.

JOHN MYERS PHOTOGRAPHIC offers you a chance to glimpse one of the world’s remote areas, the Northwest region of Pakistan. This area was of much interest to the proponents of the Great Game, a hundred years ago, as a possible route of invasion for Russian troops, and more recently as a supply route for the Mujehadin. If you are planning a journey or want to be reminded of a visit or just wish to see a wonderful part of the world from your armchair, then take the ‘Chilinji Challenge’.

JOHN MYERS has travelled to many exotic lands and visited many numerous remote locations. Each volume portrays images of faraway distant lands, encapsulating the enticing atmosphere of the district, and the customs, culture and colour of the local people and their environment.

Running time is approximately 35 minutes.

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