Sikkim and beneath Kanchenjunga


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Several decades ago, climbers seeking to climb the north face of Mt Everest would journey via Sikkim and cross over the border pass, the Natu La, into Tibet. Nowadays the pass is closed and there are only a few strictly defined trekking routes in Sikkim, which probably makes a journey there all the more special.

From New Delhi, there is a short flight to West Bengal, followed by a drive up over 2000 metres into the foothills of the Himalaya to Darjeeling. After exploring this popular hill station and experiencing the Darjeeling Himalayan Railway, there is a jeep ride into Sikkim, via Pemayangtse Gompa to Uttare, from where the trek begins. The trail climbs up to Chiwabhanjang on the Singalila ridge. There follows several days ascending and descending along the ridge before crossing over to reach the main trail just past Dzongri. From here the route leads up to the Goecha La, the 4900 metre pass, which is the closest the trail gets to Kanchenjunga. The mountain views are absolutely spectacular. There are times on the trek where four of the five highest mountains in the world are clearly visible.

JOHN MYERS PHOTOGRAPHIC offers you the chance to glimpse this green, wonderful country. The views of the Himalaya that border Sikkim, Tibet and Nepal are just brilliant. After watching this, you will want to go there to see for yourself.

Running time is approximately 45 minutes.

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