Ladakh – The Land of High Passes


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Ladakh, ‘the land of high passes’ is one of the most remarkable of adventure travel destinations. Leh, the capital, lies close to the Indus River at 3500 metres.

A little time is needed for acclimatisation, which offers the opportunity to explore some of the valley villages and monastries. After a bus journey to the banks of the Zanskar River and a crossing by ‘jola’, the trek leads through the delightful Markha Valley to the high Nimaling plain, which lies below the stunning peak of Kang Yatze. After crossing several high passes, Stok Kangri base camp is reached. From here there is a challenging and interesting ascent to the summit of Stok Kangri at 6120 metres.

JOHN MYERS PHOTOGRAPHIC offers you a chance to glimpse Ladakh, often refered to as Little Tibet. Leh and its surroundings are worth a visit in themselves. Stok Kangri is clearly visible from the town and is a challenge that entices many a trekker. If you are planning a visit to this northern area of India, or want to be reminded of a visit or just want to see a wonderful part of the world from your armchair, then just ‘focus’ in on this stunning travelogue.

Running time is approximately 30 minutes.

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