Wildlife in South Luangwa National Park.


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In the 18th century European Explorers came to this eastern region in southern Africa, now known as Zambia. During the 19th century the region became the two British protectorates of North-Western Rhodesia and North-Eastern Rhodesia before merging in 1911 as Northern Rhodesia. For most of the colonial period Zambia was governed by London with advice from the British South Africa Company. In 1964 Zambia became independent with Kenneth Kaunda as its first president. Zambia is a landlocked country. It is drained by the Congo river basin in the north and the Zambezi/Kafue basin to the south. There are a number of rivers that flow into the Zambezi and one of them is the Luangwa.

The North Luangwa, South Luangwa and Kafue National Parks have one of the most prolific animal populations in Africa. This film concentrates on the wildlife in South Luangwa National Park. Holding 60 species of mammals and 400 species of birds, wildlife is in abundance in the Park. Most international flights will arrive into Lusaka, the capital of Zambia. The main settlement of the wildlife National Park lies just outside its eastern borders at Mtwue. There are good flight connections from Lusaka to Mfwue.

This travel documentary film entitled Wildlife in South Luangwa National Park concentrates on the two distinctive types of animals: those that graze on the grasslands and those that eat the leaves, flowers and fruits of the trees in the Park.

Most of these grazers live in constant apprehension of their predators. South Luangwa is known as the ‘Valley of the Leopard’. There are indeed spectacular sightings of leopard, along with lion, hunting dog, hyena. In the winter months, the land dries up and availability of water becomes restricted. Animals congregate around mud pools, lagoons and of course the Luangwa river. It gets hotter and hotter as the dry season continues. Eventually the rains come in early December. There are numerous well run lodges which arrange safari drives out into the Park. This is a spectacular place in which to view wildlife. Entering the Park, just as the sun rises, brings wonderful sightings of wildlife, set amongst the beautiful surroundings of the Luangwa River Valley. We hope that by watching this film, you will appreciate the wonders that our planet has still to offer. Human beings are not alone and these birds and animals need their space. This is one place where they have just that. Enjoy.

Running time: approx. 58 mins.

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