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Once part of a huge super-continent that covered most of the southern hemisphere, Madagascar has been an island for millions of years. Its isolation has given risen to its unique flora and fauna. A chain of mountains runs like a spine through east centre of the island descending sharply to the Indian Ocean, leaving only a narrow coastal plain. These eastern mountain slopes support the remains of the dense rainforest that once covered all of the eastern side of the island. Currently only about 10% of the country still holds natural vegetation suitable for the wildlife population.
The first travel documentary on Madagascar in the ‘World in Focus’ series concentrated on those National Parks dotted along the RN7 road national highway. Together with some of the other famous reserves such as Berenty, Andasibe and Montagne d’Ambre in the north. This second travel documentary takes another look at this marvellous Island and many of the National Parks that were visited before. The number of endemic species is huge, and we have been able to include even more of the wonderful wildlife.
This movie starts in the south of the country at Berenty reserve, home to the ring-tailed lemurs and Verreaux’s Sifakas. The journey, this time, will continue slowly north along the eastern coast, making stops at Andasibe, once more, to watch and listen for the largest of the lemur family, the Indri. After a brief stop at Toamasina, we stop at Nose Mangabe and the Masaola peninsula. This is the wettest region in Madagascar. There are some species that only live in this part of the island, the flamboyant red-ruffed lemur is one of them. Driving through Antsiranana, we reach Amber National Park, the first established in 1958. Here we see the Sandford brown lemur and many chameleons. Then on to Ankarana special reserve. It is situated on a small, partially vegetated plateau, composed of 150 million year old middle jurassic limestone The crowned lemurs alone seem able to traverse the razor sharp tsingy rock. Finally it is back again to Anjajavy. This small reserve has a lodge by the sea with its own gardens. They are teeming with wildlife but it is always the Cocquerel Sifaka that steals the show. Eventually time is up on another visit to Madagascar. It is to be hoped that the Malagasy people will continue to value, protect and secure the survival of all their wonderful endemic and endearing wildlife.
Running time: approx. 45 mins.

Tags: Berenty reserve, Lemur, Verreaux’s Sifakas, Amber National Park, chameleon, Ankarana special reserve, Cocquerel Sifaka